Saturday, October 01, 2016

Next President of United States of America (USA) is

Donald John Trump is the Republican US Presidential candidate for 2016 elections. He is a successful businessman,television personality, author and politician, He is also the chairman of The Trump Organization, which is the main holding company for his real estate ventures and other business interests.
Donald John Trump
With a bachelor's degree in economics from the famous Wharton School of Pennsylvania Univerisity, Trump worked in is father's real estate and  construction company. Trump is credited with building skyscrapers, hotels, casinos,golf courses and more across USA, South America, Europe and Asia. He is listed as the world's wealthiest 500 billionaires by Forbes.

His presidential campaign has received extensive media coverage and international attention. it has become the norm for Trump to gain from adversities and enemies. If only his opponents and media had chosen to ignore him, he would not have gained attention. But more the enemies he has, more he gains.

If voted to power, Trump would dump his crazy talks and thoughts and would settle down for wiser ideas.A transformation of a ruthless and self-centred business man into a thinking person is what his entire life is going to be about.

Donald Trump's intelligent, aggressive (sometimes hurtful) but well thought of planned campaign is likely to give him the edge and all these necessary oratorial skills make him a winner.
Donald Trump flashing thumbs up

My analysis indicates Donald Trump to be the next US President.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

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